About Arcadia 


Located just a short drive north of Manistee on the scenic M22 corridor, Arcadia offers abundant natural beauty to explore around every corner. Each season bring another way to experience Northern Michigan’s great outdoors. From forest floors blanketed in trillium in the spring to the rich autumn hues of fall, and un-crowded beaches in summer Arcadia provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come discover quiet coastal living on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Experience Arcadia


Arcadia is surrounded by over 3,500 acres of preservation land cared for by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, making it a unique destination for outdoor enthusiast of every kind. Trail hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, fishermen, bird watchers, and wild flower seekers all make their way to Arcadia to experience the surrounding trails, inland lake, marsh land, and more. There is so much to explore during your visit to Arcadia.

As the end of the day approaches, the sun hanging low in the sky, there is an irresistible pull that is felt in the quaint coastal town of Arcadia. The Lake Michigan shoreline is only short left hand turn from the scenic M22 corridor. Any time from early morning until long after dark, a walk through the tree canopied streets of this lovely little town offers a refuge from the busyness to which we have all become accustomed. However, just as the sun begins to set in the sky, will be the perfect time for a stroll.

You won’t want to miss the breathtaking sunset at Sunset Station located at the end of Lake Street, where locals and visitors alike gather to pay homage to another beautiful day in paradise. Once the sun bobs below the water line it is time to make your way toward Veteran’s Memorial Marina and through the cottage lined streets of the village back to M22 where you will find the Arcadia Ice House, a charming vintage ice cream parlor, for an end of the night treat.

Just one day in Arcadia will capture your heart and leave you longing to return.




The Locals

In 2012, we found our way to Arcadia from Lansing, Michigan. It was not long after we got settled in the business we had purchased, that we began meeting new people and understanding that Arcadia is a special place because of the people that love it. Our community is comprised of many people that have lived, worked, farmed, and grown up here. Others found there way to Arcadia later in life, like my family. Whether you have been here for a week or your entire life, you are welcome in this community.

At the center of our community we have the Pleasant Valley Community Center with fitness classes, an exercise room, a library, and book club, in-door and outdoor pickle ball with gatherings throughout the week. In addition, there is a kayaking club, an active Lion’s Club, Garden Club, Women’s Auxiliary, church gatherings, and so much more. There are so many way to meet great people and become a part of the community.

A community as small as ours is dependent upon the people that volunteer to care for its needs. Arcadia is managed by groups of caring community members that each show up to do their part. Whether caring for the beach, planting flowerbeds, working at the museum or Community Center, or helping the Lion’s Club with Arcadia Daze, there is something for everyone to support.

Unlike life in a busy city, the welcoming charm of small town life is a gift we received when we moved to Arcadia. It did not take long for us to feel at home in this community and we look forward to many more years surrounded by our new friends in our new home.

Arcadia Resident & Owner of Pleasant Valley Resort – Shannon Westgate


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