Workforce in Manistee

Skilled Workforce

Michigan has a rich history as a manufacturing state, however as of recent years we are also emerging a state of innovators. Although Manistee County has historically been known as a manufacturing town, we have seen a shift towards economic prosperity built upon a knowledge-based work force.


Knowledge-Based Economy

Approximately 25% of the residents of Manistee County now represent a knowledge-based economy, individuals with education and skills in their chosen field of study entering the work force with expertise to solve complex problems through innovation and the use of technology. These innovators are developing the businesses and products that will be the future of industry in our County.


Serving the Community

Nearly half of the Manistee County work force is comprised of individuals who work in the service and sales sector. These skilled individuals are essential to providing support services for Manistee County’s residents and businesses. Those who work in the production, transportation and material moving trades are essential to business, service and sales as they are linking us to regional and national economic hubs.

Want to Learn More?

Connect with regional resources to learn about the workforce in Manistee County. Information is available on our Local Resources page.